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Beginner / Fundamentals Class

For men and women (15 & up) from all walks of life & fitness levels. This is a 1 hour program for all levels of ability to get started in Jiu Jitsu. The class is fun, safe, and inspiring. The program will challenge you both physically and mentally, with BJJ exercises, drills, and self defense techniques. Practice discipline, respect, and honor, while learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

This class is recommended for students just beginning in Jiu Jitsu or students looking to improve and refine their basic Jiu Jitsu skills. This class focuses on taking an in-depth look at basic Jiu Jitsu positions and breaking down technique and movements.Classes are both gi and no-gi, check schedule for days. Students can work to earn stripes and belts as they progress.

BJJ Intermediate / Advanced Class 

This class is an extension of the basic building blocks learned in BJJ Fundamentals. Students will further their knowledge in the intricacies of BJJ. Class is structured with 1 hour of technique followed by 1 hour of sparring & drilling. This class is open to blue belts and up.

This class is a gi class. Students can work to earn stripes and belts as they progress 

No-Gi Class

This class teaches Jiu Jitsu without the gi. Students will become acclimated to the fast- paced world of submission grappling. The class focuses on the difference in grips and movements needed to be successful in training without the gi. This class is open to blue belts and up. 

BJJ Open Mat

Our open mat time, is when the facility is open to all members of any belt rank or age. Members have the opportunity to spar, drill, or analyze techniques with fellow members in a less structured environment. Perfect time to find your “game”. 

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